Monday, September 7, 2009

Thai Dye

Celebratory, mix-and-match, a blend of many colors. Tie dye never turns out quite how you expected, and that is part of the idea. There is also the stupid pun factor. I don't know very much about blogs, but a stupid pun in the title is clearly a basic need, if not an obvious necessity.

So: I've been in Thailand for just over a week now, and I know I could not have found a better place to work, play, learn, and live for the coming year. These initial days have overflowed with new sensations, confusion and comfort, the epic quest for a routine... I'll have to start with a few posts catching up on first impressions. Stay tuned!

Family is the most important thing in Thailand, and if you're reading this, then you are part of mine -- so keep in touch. Thai dye is not nearly as fun if you're doing it alone.

Love to all,

Denali, aka Na-Li, aka Nari, aka "giant white girl"


  1. Hey! Giant White girl! Thank you for my birthday wish on my birthday in FaceBook. I'm so glad you are doing a blog. This will be fun to watch your journey and your perspective of Thailand. Make sure you have your camera working because I would like to see more. We miss you here in Boulder, Colorado!! Love you

  2. Hi and Hello,
    I had a hard time to believe a few years back that this, how you call it, "stupid pun factor" had not been used as a domain name.
    We did indeed planned to do Thai tie-dye (mudmee) and so it was kind of obvious that we should have the name - and to my big surprise that name was still available.

    Will be reading some more of your blog, but would not want to miss to leave my footprint here.